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Massage is a therapy that has been around since the origins of mankind. It has remained the principal method of treating most muscular-skeletal problems for many thousands of years, and it was only in the last hundreds of years or so that this practise began to change. Today I offer massage on board your yacht or in your villa, for you, your crew or your charter guests in Antibes and the surrounding area.

Blood circulation can be improved. Direct pressure improves the circulation and massage stimulates the nerves controlling the blood vessels. The interchange of oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide and waste products is therefore speeded up.

Has a soothing or stimulating effect on the sensory nerve endings depending on the techniques used.

LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is improved by deep effleurage. The flow of lymph is stimulated to lymph glands and this aids elimination of waste and toxins.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM BENEFITS. Absorption in the abdomen is improved and constipation may be relieved.

MUSCULAR SYSTEMS IMPROVE by relieving the tension due to the removal of waste products. Muscular wastage resulting from injury or a paralysis can also be prevented.

SOFTENS FATTY TISSUE DEPOSITS – depending on technique used.

SOFTENS AND NOURISHES SKIN – depending on medium used. Improves desquamation of skin adhesions, skin texture and tone.

RELAXING, STRESS RELIEVING – promoting feeling of well being.


Shiatsu Massage originated in Japan and is Japanese for finger pressure. A type of bodywork designed to promote health and well being, consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches and other massage techniques. The characteristics of shiatsu is to apply pressure using only fingers, palms and especially thumbs on points that have been related to the central and automic nervous systems.

Is a firm handed, deep tissue, clinical approach that treats the majority of minor and moderate muscular-skeletal problems. Regular massages can also be beneficial to those already undertaking personal training sessions, as there is evidence to suggest they help to prevent injuries which might otherwise be caused by overuse when training.

PRE EVENT MASSAGE – prepares the body for intense activity, warming up the muscles causing an increased blood supply in specific areas, enabling the sports person to reach peak performance earlier in the event and maintain performance longer, using specific techniques of petrissage and tapotement taking up to 15 minutes.

POST EVENT MASSAGE – has to be used within the first two hours after the event. The aim is to treat and clean out the metabolic residue caused by intense effort of the body, and is three or four times as effective as rest in the recovery from muscle fatigue. Enhancing the movement of blood and lymph out of the most intensely worked muscles and back to the heart. Lactic acid formed as a result of oxygen depletion is flushed from the muscles, preventing soreness and reducing recovery time. Most effective techniques being light and deep stroking, petrissage, time varying from 15 to 30 mins.

MASSAGE DURING TRAINING – is the most beneficial massage, locating and relieving areas of stress that carry high risk of injury. Massage reduces minor cross fibre adhesions resulting from micro-trauma, thereby increasing muscle response. Massage also alleviates muscle tightness so that contractions and relaxation are more efficient, allowing finer tuned muscle response.

Massage during training increases blood and lymph circulation, allowing more efficient removal of metabolic waste, making more intense and frequent workouts possible improving overall performance.

Massage also breaks down any transverse adhesions that might have resulted from previous injuries, promoting more muscle power, better circulation, less chance of re-injury, increased mobility, flexibility and better performance. The sports person is able to achieve maximum effort sooner, more often and maintain it longer with fewer, if any, ill effects.

– very effective for treating cellulite and exfoliating the skin. Stimulates a sluggish circulation

Spot reduction of fatty deposits. A deeper massage where the top layer of skin is not stimulated. Helping to relax and relieve pain.


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